Esker Lodge Nursing Home Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Jerusalema dance challenge
Residents find their rhythm and staff step it out in the Jerusalema dance challenge.
Jerusalema dance challenge entices Esker Lodge staff and residents to join the craze.
With its captivating music and beat; staff at Esker Lodge Nursing Home were keen to join in and take on the challenge of the year. When staff began practicing, residents were keen to join in. Practice sessions were great fun and provided lots of entertainment.

Staff from all our departments joined in with their team members as videoing took place over several sessions. Residents brought their own unique dance styles to the video – in one clip we see Pat Lynch (a born entertainer) taking centre stage as he is immersed in the beat, booging away.

For that extra special touch, everyone wore red clothing to add a splash of vibrant colour to the video.  We nearly competed videoing when a hiccup arose – Warner music broke news of commanding Licensing fees for the use of the music. To err on the side of caution, we decided it best to not use the original music in the final video. Our videographer Tinko arranged alternative upbeat music that suited the dance. As a result, we can claim our own unique piece with staff member Anita naming it as ‘Esker-alema’.

With final editing complete, we are delighted to have now launched our video which can be viewed on the following link ……

Staff member Aideen commented that “it was wonderful just to have fun with the residents and to see the joy that resulted from the interaction and entertainment”.  You can’t help but smile to see Edgar, Mary, Kathleen and Patsy amongst others dancing along with the staff in the video.

Thank you to everyone involved in creating this memorable video which we hope you will enjoy viewing.


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