Esker Lodge becomes an accredited Sonas Centre of Excellence

A centre of excellence for the Sonás programme in Cavan

Esker Lodge Nursing Home has become an approved Sonás registered Centre of Excellence on completion of a successful assessment recently carried out by Sonás apc.

Esker Lodge is delighted to be awarded this Certificate of Excellence. The nursing home has been using the Sonás programme as part of its schedule of activities and social care in particular for people living with dementia for the past 7 years. Naomi McElwaine, Activities Co-Ordinator in Esker Lodge said “we have been seeing the benefits of the programme for years and have several Sonás licenced practitioners in the home to carry out the sessions every week to the highest possible standard. It is amazing to see how people, in particular those living with dementia, communicate during a group session by recounting past experiences, singing an old time song or rhyming off a proverb”.

Using Sonás residents are involved in many discussions which take place based around an item that has triggered a host of memories long forgotten. It is a unique way of activating communication and it means something new is learned about a person every time you conduct a group.

Naomi went on to say “It’s wonderful to see someone who has been withdrawn emerge smiling & talking after a session. We believe that it is an excellent programme built on the fact that the senses are the gateways to communication both verbally and non-verbally.”

For someone who cannot communicate in conventional ways Sonás offers a critical link and provides an opportunity to engage and interact with that person on a very individual level. Whether on a small or grand scale; everyone in the group is an essential part of that group and experiences a sense of belonging which is why Sonás is a firm part of Esker Lodge’s philosophy of person centred care.

Vicky McDwyer, Managing Director of Esker Lodge said “We are proud to be recognized for our person centredness particularly in the area of dementia specific care. By being certified as a dedicated centre of excellence for delivery of the Sonás programme our commitment to diversional therapies has been independently acknowledged by Sonás apc. I would like to congratulate Naomi and her activities team on a wonderful achievement.” (Autumn 2015)

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