Embracing Technology

Virtual communication is now the norm as Residents of Esker Lodge use modern technology to stay connected!

Technology embraces the present, and surprisingly, it also connects us with the past! Many residents in Esker Lodge have got to grips with technology and social media platforms. Zoom is a now familiar noun, WhatsApp and Messenger are part of our everyday language as it has become a key tool in our desire and need to connect socially with family and friends.

It’s relevance prior to Covid 19 was perhaps under-appreciated but now it is part of our everyday life in the Nursing Home. Platforms are no longer a type of shoe they are now a means of social interaction, needed now more than ever.

At Esker Lodge Nursing Home virtual visiting takes place daily connecting our residents to loved ones near and far. In addition to our existing resident devices including tablets, smart phones and smart TVs, we were delighted to recently receive additional equipment from Cavan County Council and from the Comfort for Covid programme to add to our existing collection. These devices have been vital pieces of equipment throughout the pandemic connecting residents to family members and friends.

Reminiscence has always been a therapeutic activity we’ve used in Esker Lodge Nursing Home to act as a bridge to a person’s past; recalling memories of songs, places, TV programmes, sports, politics of the time etc. Now technology such as Smart TV’s and Tablets enhance this therapy. The sense of achievement and satisfaction felt when we Google a line of a song or long forgotten poem and share the lyrics in its entirety is second to none! The smiles of familiarity that comes from watching an old Western movie, seeing Big Tom sing, watching clips of the 1947 Cavan match or the iconic visit of President Kennedy in 1963 brings memories alive for our residents and connects them to their sense of self.

The benefits of technology are now embedded in Esker Lodge Nursing Home – by using it we are connected; to the past, to the present and to the future!

Using Tablet for communication

Keeping in touch

Tablet Donation

Tablets donated to Esker Lodge Nursing Home

Movie night @EskerLodgeNursingHome

Movie night

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