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Dear Family Member,

Re: Guidance on visits to Residential Care Facilities v 1.4 HSPCUpdated due to Government announcement on 30.12.20



Ireland is moving to full Level 5 lockdown on Thursday 31 st December 2020. Visits to nursing homes are

In general, for Level 5 routine visiting remains suspended. Although a maximum of one visit by one person every
two weeks was facilitated until 29 th December, Esker Lodge is now moving to window visits and virtual online
visits only. This is due to the unprecedented levels of community transmission nationally. Critical &
compassionate care visits will be considered on a case by case basis and only in very exceptional circumstances.


Who can visit & how will the visit happen?
All visiting will be suspended with the exception of window visiting and virtual online visits.

People participating in window visits will be asked to wear a mask. We will not be able to accommoda

te the passing of any items through the window.




Who should not visit?

  • Persons with Covid-19 symptoms,
  • Those who have been referred for a test or are waiting results of a test for Covid-19,
  • Travellers who have recently arrived from a place where Covid-19 transmission is widespread,
  • Close contacts of known or suspected Covid-19 cases.
  • Visitors with symptomatic household contacts or household contacts who have been referred for testing should not visit.
  • Visitors who live in counties where the level of Covid-19 restrictions are at Level 4 or 5 may be asked not to visit.
  • Persons who have not restricted their contacts in the previous 2 weeks


How often can visits take place
Once every week based on available resources of the nursing home


Duration of visits
Window visits will be supported and assisted by our staff and will take between up to 30 minutes to allow us time
to sanitize the dedicated window visiting area between visits.


Location of Visits
Visits will take place in the designated window visiting area only.


PPE required for Visitors

Visitors are required to perform hand hygiene before and after their visit and wear a surgical face mask during
their visit. There should be no physical contact between visitors and residents at any time, particularly now given
the high number of cases in the community.


Symptom Screening and Checking of Visitors
There will be a temperature check, completion of a visitor’s questionnaire and general symptom screening on
arrival. As per the updated guidance we will be limiting visits to 1 visitor per window visit and it is the visitor’s
personal responsibility to be mindful of their movements and minimise contacts if intending to visit the nursing


Other visiting arrangements and notes
Window visits and virtual phone / tablet based visits will continue and staff will facilitate video calling.
As per the guidance organised outings, or social visits outside of the nursing home are not permitted at Level 5 of
the framework. Therefore, residents travelling outside of nursing home cannot be permitted.
Once all the slots are taken for a particular day that day will be closed off. Window visits can be scheduled
between 11am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Therefore we ask that if you have already been able to have a visit with
your loved one in the past 7 days that you postpone your another window visit to allow other people who have
not seen their loved one yet to complete a window visit.


During this period of enhanced restrictions we ask family and friends of residents to label all gifts/items for
residents with their name and the date it is delivered to the nursing home. Gifts will be quarantined for 3 days
before they are brought to the residents so we ask that there is nothing perishable i.e. food or flowers which will
not be in good condition after 3 days quarantining.

For queries in relation to visiting or to book a visit please call 086 1383980 Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.


The Esker Lodge Team




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