The Esker Lodge Team

Our caring staff are chosen for their qualifications and experience in Nursing and Care of the Elderly. The team include:

Vicky McDwyer Vicky McDwyer

Vicky McDwyer along with her father Ray McDwyer owns Esker Lodge. Vicky is the managing director and is actively involved in the day to day operation of the nursing home. Vicky is the registered proprietor and has been deemed a "Fit Person" to operate a nursing by HIQA under the legislation governing nursing homes. Vicky has over 8 years experience in managing a nursing home. In addition to an honours BA and MA Vicky has undertaken extensive training in key areas related to nursing home care and management including Activities for the older person, Dementia care and Person centred care. Vicky is an active member of Nursing Home Ireland and is also secretary for the north east region of the organization.

Nuala Patterson Nuala Patterson

Nuala Patterson, the General Manager, working closely with Binimole Santhosh, the Nurse Manager, constantly reviews the residential care programmes and ensures that residents' individual needs are fulfilled. Nuala is a registered psychiatric nurse, with 13 years experience in care of the elderly and over 4 years experience as a General Manager in a Nursing Home in Ireland. Nuala has undertaken additional training as part of her role in Esker Lodge, including an advanced diploma in Management Practice, a diploma in Person Centred Dementia Care and an advanced certificate in Gerontology.


Binimole Binimole Santhosh

Binimole Santhosh is the Nurse Manager and a registered General Nurse with 7 years experience of care of the elderly in Ireland and over 5 years experience as Nurse Manager in a Nursing Home in Ireland.

Binimole has a Masters in Community Health Nursing and has also undertaken additional training since joining Esker Lodge, including a diploma in Person Centred Dementia Care and an advanced certificate in Gerontology.


Malachy McDwyer Malachy McDwyer

Malachy McDwyer, our Head Chef, as a qualified nutritionist sees nutrition as a crucial element of nursing home care. This underpins the wide choice of food available to our residents either in our relaxing dining room or in the privacy of the resident's room, based on the resident's preference. Snacks and refreshments are also offered and available 24 hours per day. Therapeutic menus for a range of conditions including diabetes, renal and celiac are also available. Before and after admission residents and their families will meet with our multi-disciplinary team to discuss all aspects of individual needs.