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Our Promise

To provide a home away from home in a relaxed setting which is safe and secure, with caring and courteous staff. To engage with the local community in a positive way, encouraging social interaction while supporting resident's rights as individuals to make their own choices and express their beliefs.

Our Objective

Provide, promote and develop 'Person Centred Care' for all 70 residents of Esker Lodge Nursing Home in keeping with the Mission Statement 'Excellence in the delivery of compassionate care to our resident'

To involve families in enhancing the residents experience and quality of life in Esker Lodge.

To provide support to families allowing them to be involved in the resident's social, emotional and psychological well-being.

To offer a philosophy of care that is considerate, sincere and empowering both for the resident and the staff of Esker Lodge.

Our goals for our residents are:

To empower the resident to assert themselves in decision making and exercising their right to choice

To encourage the resident to regain, maintain and retain abilities as far as possible.

To facilitate the resident to regain, maintain and retain independence as far as possible.


We provide long and short term residential care and services. Although our primary focus is older person care and people living with dementia, we also cater to other people who are in need of residential care.

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