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2006 EIQA National Finalist Nursing Home of the Year

In autumn 2006, Esker Lodge was a national finalist at the EIQA awards under the Nursing Home Quality of Care category. The standard provides for a comprehensive and rigorous approach to independent assessment and auditing of nursing homes across the broad spectrum of services. This is in addition to regular HIQA and Health and Safety Authority audits, which are a legislative and regulatory requirement. Nursing homes are assessed under four critical areas, which include organisational commitment, employee engagement, support systems and processes and quality of life. Nursing home residents are interviewed throughout the audit for their opinions and feedback on their quality of care.

2007 Esker Lodge Winner EIQA National Nursing Home of the Year.

The award was based on an Excellence Ireland Quality Assurance audit which we decided to undertake as part of our commitment to continual improvement. The audit was very exacting and the process was very demanding.

Winning Nursing Home of the Year is a significant achievement at a local and national level. What set us apart, according to the EIQA, is best practice, i.e. activities that make our home unique. When we won it was a wonderful recognition for our team and underscored the sense of pride we have in the service we deliver every day.

In our case the work involved to achieve the award allowed us to set our own standard for how we want to operate now and into the future.

2009 Q-Mark National Finalist Nursing Home of the Year

In Spring of 2009, we are delighted to say not only did we maintain our existing accreditation for 2009, but we enhanced our score and audit performance since our last inspection.

2010 Q-Mark National Finalist Nursing Home of the Year

In Spring of 2010, Esker Lodge was again a national finalist at the EIQA awards under the Nursing Home Quality of Care category.

2010 Binimole Santhosh, our Nurse Manager Wins Award for Study of the Decade

Binimole completed a Master of Science Degree in Nursing in 2003. As part of the masters she had to submit a dissertation. Based on her work in various communities Binimole had noted a lot of young children she saw there had health problems associated with poor nutrition. She decided to focus her dissertation on this issue and conducted a survey to ascertain the extent of the problem. The findings of the survey and the work Binimole completed initiated changes to existing social supports for mothers. As a result of Binimole's dissertation health problems in young children associated with poor nutrition were significantly reduced. Because of the practical and valuable outcomes of her dissertation Binimole was recently told that she is to receive an award for her dissertation. The award is entitled "Study of the Decade" because of the impact the dissertation had on the state of Tamil Nadu (a state in India - approximately the size of Greece).

2011 Esker Lodge Resident PJ Flood Wins NHI National Resident Achievement Award

PJ Flood of Esker Lodge Nursing Home has won the Nursing Home Resident of the Year for 2011 PJ Flood, Resident of the Year 2011 PJ Flood of Esker Lodge Nursing Home has won the Nursing Home Resident of the Year for 2011. PJ represented Cavan at the Nursing Homes Ireland Care Awards 2011. PJ reached the final of the prestigious award ceremony, which was held in Dublin on November 10th, having been chosen from entries from communities across Ireland for the Nursing Home Resident Achievement Award. The awards ceremony was hosted by Marty Whelan. PJ was awarded the overall resident achievement award on the night by Professor Brendan McCormack (Nursing Research & Practice Development, University of Ulster).

Tadhg Daly, Chief Executive Officer of Nursing Homes Ireland, congratulated PJ on winning the national awards ceremony. He said: "I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate PJ. The standard of entry to this year's awards ceremony has been extremely high, so to win the award is a magnificent achievement. PJ and all at Esker Lodge should be extremely proud. The resident achievement award celebrates the lives of individual residents and their continued achievements as members of the nursing home community. For many people, moving to a nursing home is a life-enriching experience and this award seeks to honour and celebrate such an experience."

2012 Esker Lodge wins a Special Recognition Award from Ulster Bank Business Achievers

On the 26th January 2012 Esker Lodge won an award in special recognition of the work we do every day with our residents.

The head of Ulster Bank Northern Ireland, Ian Jordan, said that he was humbled by the work that we do and the contribution our nursing home makes to the community in Cavan. "For this reason, for the first time ever in the history of these awards the judging panel felt we had to highlight Esker Lodge, their staff and residents with a special recognition award." The Ulster Bank Business Achiever Awards judging panel is made up of industry experts, successful local entrepreneurs and the head of Ulster Bank.

Ulster Bank received entries from hundreds of businesses north and south of the border regardless of size, location or sector. Esker Lodge is the only organisation who has ever received a special recognition award from the judging panel.

As a company we understand that the service we provide has a positive impact on the local community but it was very special to have the work everyone here does acknowledged and praised by an independent group.

2015 Esker Lodge has become an approved Sonás registered Centre of Excellence

Esker Lodge Nursing Home has become an approved Sonás registered Centre of Excellence on completion of a successful assessment recently carried out by Sonás apc.

Esker Lodge is delighted to be awarded this Certificate of Excellence. The nursing home has been using the Sonás programme as part of its schedule of activities and social care in particular for people living with dementia for the past 7 years. Naomi McElwaine, Activities Co-Ordinator in Esker Lodge said "we have been seeing the benefits of the programme for years and have several Sonás licenced practitioners in the home to carry out the sessions every week to the highest possible standard. It is amazing to see how people, in particular those living with dementia, communicate during a group session by recounting past experiences, singing an old time song or rhyming off a proverb".

Using Sonás residents are involved in many discussions which take place based around an item that has triggered a host of memories long forgotten. It is a unique way of activating communication and it means something new is learned about a person every time you conduct a group.

Naomi went on to say "It's wonderful to see someone who has been withdrawn emerge smiling & talking after a session. We believe that it is an excellent programme built on the fact that the senses are the gateways to communication both verbally and non-verbally."

For someone who cannot communicate in conventional ways Sonás offers a critical link and provides an opportunity to engage and interact with that person on a very individual level. Whether on a small or grand scale; everyone in the group is an essential part of that group and experiences a sense of belonging which is why Sonás is a firm part of Esker Lodge's philosophy of person centred care.

Vicky McDwyer, Managing Director of Esker Lodge said "We are proud to be recognized for our person centredness particularly in the area of dementia specific care. By being certified as a dedicated centre of excellence for delivery of the Sonás programme our commitment to diversional therapies has been independently acknowledged by Sonás apc. I would like to congratulate Naomi and her activities team on a wonderful achievement." (Autumn 2015)

Sonas Centre of Excellence for 2015-2017

Lynn Keyes nominated as nominated as a finalist for Carer of the Year

Lynn was nominated as a finalist in the "Nursing Home Carer of the Year Award" category in the NHI Care Awards 2015.

Here is a photo of Lynn with Grainne Seoige at the awards ceremony on Thursday 12 November 2015 in Dublin.

Lynn Keyes, Finalist Carer of the Year 2015, with Grainne Seoige